Marine Corps School of Infantry
At SOI we train entry-level Marines in basic warrior skills. SOI's training mission ensures "Every Marine is, first and foremost, a Rifleman". We also train Marine leaders from the rank of Corporal to Lieutenant in advanced infantry and light armored vehicle skills.

Whether through classroom instruction, or in the conduct of live-fire exercises, the focus at SOI is on training warriors. SOI requires the best and most professional leaders in the Marine Corps to accomplish this mission. Our Marine Combat Instructors form the bedrock of our success and ensure the conduct of realistic, aggressive, and safe training. The Marine Combat Instructor provides continuity and consistency in the continuum of training and mentoring our entry-level Marines.

At the School of Infantry, Marines who receive the infantry military specialty are trained at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), and all non-infantry Marine's are trained in basic infantry/Marine common skills at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT). SOI marks a transition in the professional training of entry-level students from basically trained Marines to Marine warriors.

The Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment taught to recruits at Boot Camp are a key component to student's personal and professional development at SOI. The Marine warrior ethos forged in places like Belleau Wood, Okinawa, the Chosin Resevoir, Khe Sanh, Beirut, and today in Afghanistan and Iraq is instilled in Marines at SOI. Graduates are prepared mentally, physically, and morally for the challenges of 21st Century warfare.

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